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Re: [linrad] version 30 fatal bug

When I finished selection, rather than the usual prompt to save the information,
I got a full page text screen with the following error message exactly as it

INTERNAL ERROR:  1027 (errno=6)
routine: set_analog_io  file: setad.c
Failed to set no of channels (should never happen)


I did press enter and returned to my root terminal window. I then changed
directories to ver29 and tried menu U in that version. Although it reports bogus
sampling rates, it does accept all my inputs without error messages and I then
successfully ran linrad in the weak cw mode.

My operating system is Fedora Core 3
1024MB of 400MHz DDR
P4  3.0GHz,  fsb 800MHz
fully licensed latest version of OSS


Jeffrey Pawlan,  WA6KBL