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[Moon-net] Linrad "speed warning"

off topic again, but I am stuck...

The Linrad server has been down for a while now but I know some of the moon
net guys also subscribed to the linrad list. So maybe anyone has an idea..

I recently upgraded my computer and installed a dual boot system with grub
running W2k on a big HD and SuSE Linux 9.1 on a separate smaller HD.
CPU is an AMD Sempron 2600+, 512 Mb DDR RAM.
All Linrad installation went fine. I use svgalib 1.1.19.
Video board is FX5200, which svgalib does not support.
I run forced VESA 1024x768 which works OK.
Sound: dsp0 AC97 on board
       dsp1 CMI8576 (or something like that...) PCI board
Both installed with YaST2, tested and running.

When I start Linrad in Mode A, spectrum showes up. CPU load runs at <2%.
As soon as I click on a signal in the main spectrum, CPU load quickly rises
to 50% or more and the error message "speed warning" comes up. Sound 
switches off and on every second or two.
I found a similar problem in the "old mail Linrad database" on Rein's site.
Leif suggested trying to change memlock in par-userint but I tried it and
had no success.
What I tried too (and what did not help...):

- switched from KDE (init5) to init3: System hangs up
- switched from KDE (init5) to init1: Linrad reports "no sound device"
(guess there is no driver loaded)
- switched from KDE (init5) to init1 and then to init3(loads some drivers):
Linrad finds only dsp0 (AC97 on board). I can run this device in read/write
mode and I get normal function in Linrad. After clicking on a signal "speed
failure" shows up after a few seconds.
- I tried to increase the memlock parameter by factors of 10. (What does the
 figure [1] stand for anyway?)

In the old mail Leif guessed that some other programm uses up too much CPU
time or Linrad swaps data to the harddisc because too much RAM is used up by
something else. But with the speedy CPU and 512MB RAM I use now this should
not be a problem, I guess. I used to run the same software combination on my
old 233MHz PII and had the same problem. Of course I related it to the old

I am just getting into this Linux thing, which means I am not very good with
it. I can't see me doing anything badly wrong here though.

Maybe somebody had this problem before and found a solution.
I don't want to spoil half of my weekend by sitting in front of my computer


Daniel, DL3IAE


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