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Re: speed problem

HI, Dan,

THanks for the note!

I wish I could advise you on your problem. The only time I had sound cycle on and off after clicking on a signal WAS when I was using a very old, slow computer [Pentium Pro 200 MHz] and trying to do 96 KHz sampling for two channels in quadrature. So in that case, it was slow processor speed.

Like you, I don't like spending all of my time in front of computers solving problems, and so I have only learned what I have absolutely had to know to fix the problems I have had, and also what I have gleaned from the Linrad email lists and Leif. So I apologize for not knowing more.

Keep us all posted, please, and Good Luck!



On Sat, 05 Mar 2005 01:01:43 -0800, dl3iae@xxxxxx <dl3iae@xxxxxx> wrote:


thanks for starting up the list. Hope Leif gets his page up soon again.
The speed error problem might be a bug and I am in contact with Leif.
Will inform about the things happening.

Daniel, DL3IAE

Roger Rehr