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Corrections (text); Re: [linrad] Linrad install on Debian Sarge with rc-3 installer

Gracias senor Ramiro!

Thanks for the nice installation guide. I learned a lot of new
things there about Debian-matters besides the actual procedure.

There were the normal "slips of the pen" (about a dozen). Please
find attached two Word-files. In version A you see my suggestions
for the corrections (so you can review them) and version Z is the
one with the corrections accepted. In case the [Linrad]-list is
not accepting attached files, I have also sent these directly
to you and Leif (SM5BSZ). Thanks again for the good work.

                                           73, "Zaba" OH1ZAA/2

Attachment: EA1ABZ_Linrad_Sarge-2.6.8_Z.doc
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Attachment: EA1ABZ_Linrad_Sarge-2.6.8_A.doc
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