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Re: Corrections (text); Re: [linrad] Linrad install on Debian Sarge with rc-3 installer

Great, great, great dear Zaba! Many thanks for the corrections!!!!! You have been very quick!: I am very happy to provide these guides for quickly setting up Debian. I would like to see one day Debian as the standard Ham Radio Linux Distribution, hi. I think that is the best one for the ham radio experimenter. Well, after the evangelizing.....

Just want you to add the next notes at the begining for the newbies:


"$" commands must be executed by a normal user.
"#" commands must be executed by the "root" user.

Debian comes with 2 text editors installed by default and can be used to quick edit configuration files (of course you can install whatever editor you prefer after Debian install):

-"nvi" is a clone of the classic "vi" editor present in any Unix machine. It can be invoked as "vi text_file_name". It is not recomended for the newbies.

-"nano" is a very easy to use and intuitive text editor by the GNU Project. I would recomend it for this guide if you do not have any Unix experience.
"nano text_file_name" will do the job.

Thank you very much, and I will apreciate the corrections again!

73, Ramiro, EA1ABZ.