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Re: [linrad] The Eagle Has Landed

on 22/10/02 7:46 pm, W3SZ at w3sz@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I am very seriously considering not transmitting this year but just
> listening, so I can get maximal experience with the unit and the other
> receive toys I have here, and record some good "S" files uninterrupted
> with transmitter noise.  Well, I guess will make at least one EME
> contact so I can get a certificate.  I can spare 30 seconds to do that
> ;)

Roger how about automating the RX station and recording the whole contest
with LINRAD from a remote site AND getting on in the contest on TX/RX from
home? That way you will have something to listen to when there is no
activity outside the contest and have a score in the contest. :-)

David Anderson GM4JJJ             <http://www.gm4jjj.co.uk>