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[linrad] Eme archive file

Eme archive file                                                                       



I am trying to run the eme_2min.raw file so I can listen to the recorded transmissions.

I down loaded the eme_2min.raw file and bunzipped it and created the eme directory with tar xvf eme.tar    The eme directory is under the home directory.


When I go to the lir directory and run linrad and press H.  I get adfile missing.


I went to the adfile that is under the eme directory and all that is in the

adfile is :    #  eme_2min.raw   


Am I suppose to copy the eme_2min.raw into the adfile?

How do I create an  adfile that linrad can find?

What is the purpose of the adfile? 


I typed   /home/eme/eme_2min.raw  /home/eme/eme_2min.raw_par         into the

adfile as I had read in letter posted on the website.  


I really don?t understand how to run this eme_2min.raw.   I read through many of the help posted on the website and need some more help.   


Not computer savvy  !!!


Please Help