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RE: [linrad] Eme archive file

Hi Anthony,

> I am trying to run the eme_2min.raw file so I can listen to the 
> recorded transmissions. I down loaded the eme_2min.raw file 
> and bunzipped it and created the eme directory with tar xvf 
> eme.tar    The eme directory is under the home directory. 
> When I go to the lir directory and run linrad and press H.  
> I get adfile missing.
> I went to the adfile that is under the eme directory and 
> all that is in the adfile is :    #  eme_2min.raw    
> Am I suppose to copy the eme_2min.raw into the adfile? 
No. Linrad looks for all its files in its own directory with one 
exception and that is the eme database. The eme database is the 
files you can download from the Internet and they are not belonging
to Linrad.

This means that the files from eme-2min has to be placed in the lir
directory. The parameter files supplied in the tar file are probably
obsolete but the datafile and adfile should be ok.

> How do I create an  adfile that linrad can find?
You make it with any text editor

>What is the purpose of the adfile?  
You may have a large number of saved data files and it is not practical
to have everything in the lir directory. 
adfile is just a text file that contains the complete file names for
all the different data files you want to be able to choose.

If you leave the eme-2min where it is you should create a text file
with the name adfile and place it in the linrad directory.
In this file you should have a single line:
> I typed   /home/eme/eme_2min.raw  /home/eme/eme_2min.raw_par         into the 
> adfile as I had read in letter posted on the website.   
Yes. This is even better because with this content in adfile
you will get parameters for the recorded file that will not interfere
with the parameters you use with your own hardware or other
recorded files. 

> I really don?t understand how to run this eme_2min.raw. 
> I read through many of the help posted on the website and 
> need some more help.    
Just place adfile in the lir directory.