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Re: [linrad] Linrad00-54

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From: "Leif Åsbrink" <leif.asbrink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Linrad" <linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2003 1:49 PM
Subject: [linrad] Linrad00-54

> Hi All,
> Linrad00-54 is uploaded now. There are only few changes,
> I do not get many bug reports..........
> The "fft1 avgnum" parameter has been possible to set to
> higher values than allowed by the allocated buffers allow
> and that has caused some errors in the averaging - in
> particular in that the averaging has been done over a much
> shorter time than indicated by the parameter.
> The "fft1 avgnum" can now not be set larger than buffer
> allocation allows. If you want longer averaging times,
> increase the "First FFT storage time" parameter.
> The help texts have been incorrect about this and they are now
> updated.
> I do no longer remember what the other changes do, but nothing
> that I considered important enough for a new version.
> 73
> Leif  /  SM5BSZ