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Re: [linrad] OT info please


   You can take an old PC/AT/386 with a 'supported' sound card and write a
small program to read the samples and write them to the serial port.

   Continuing on that theme, you can put the samples out an ethernet card
for more bandwidth.

   It is worth mentioning that MOST old soundcards have 'anti-aliasing'
filters, whereas MANY motherboards and PCI sound cards do not!! 

   It is well worth the time, once you are up and running to take a signal
generator and 'sweep' your soundcard to make sure that out of band signals
are attenuated. 

   john, ni1b

On Sat, 17 Jul 2004, Richard wrote:

> Hi all
> I have trying to use an old Toshiba laptop 4000CDs in the shack, the 
> internal sound card is pre DSP, so Linrad and GLFER dont work nor does 
> any of the wsjt type software.
> Has anyone ever seen a sort of outboard sound card that will connect to 
> the com ports ?..
> If not it might just end its days as a firewall and dxcluster server.
> Richard G8JVM