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Re: [linrad] Re: USB peripheral Radio

Yes, this is what I am thinking. A PCB for this part should not be too difficult(?!), though it is not a trivial undertaking. The AD9874 is a 0.5mm 48 pin TQFP part - I have done the AD9854 successfully by hand, which is an 80 pin device with 0.63 mm pin spacing.
It would be a simplification from the current hardware setup, though it would not achieve the dynamic range that Leif has done. However, bandwidth should be better, and you wouldnt need an expensive sound card. I agree the best port would be USB if someone could do the software. Of course there would have to be a USB interface also, but this could be done on board.
Any takers?


Alberto di Bene wrote:

Richard Hosking wrote:

  baseband bandwidth of up to 270 KHz with I/Q serial data output.

I think you are not meaning that those 270 kHz should be sent to the serial port
of the PC, are you ? An USB1.1 or USB2 interface would be much more appropriate,
IMHO. Given your capabilities in preparing PCBs and kits, why don't you take into
serious consideration a kit with the AD9874 ?
The availability of the hardware part would be an incentive for the software writers,
I am sure.

73 Alberto I2PHD