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Re: [linrad] wich distribution?

Hello Dom,

Consider Suse 9.0 pro, Linrad is running on it now.

every Linux distribution has its own unique problems and steep learning curve.
The newer the distribution the better and start with a modern PC.
the older the computer and the older the distribution, the steeper the learning curve. IMHO

Stan, Wa1ECF

DEHAYS Dominique wrote:

Hi ,
I have been using the SM5BSZ PCRX dos version for a long time , but now I have some time to work on the LINUX LINRAD.
I have 3 LINUX distributions :
RedHat Linux 7.1
Caldera Open Linux 2.3

Wich one would be the best to use ( in my idea minimum problems with LINRAD). Is it better I look for a mandrake ?

73's Dom F6DRO