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Re: [linrad] wich distribution?

DEHAYS Dominique wrote:
Hi ,
I have been using the SM5BSZ PCRX dos version for a long time , but now I have some time to work on the LINUX LINRAD.
I have 3 LINUX distributions :
RedHat Linux 7.1
Caldera Open Linux 2.3

Wich one would be the best to use ( in my idea minimum problems with LINRAD). Is it better I look for a mandrake ?

73's Dom F6DRO

All those are very old distros, I think all use 2.2 kernels.
The current kernel series is 2.6.
Linrad runs OK on Mandrake 10.0 Official release, and other newer distros which I personally hav'nt tried.
If you want to try MDK10.0 you can download the iso images from


Its 3 cds.

HTH 73
Richard G8JVM