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Re: [linrad] mouse reduction speed

Hello, Richard,

While Linrad cannot run in a second window because it runs under svgalib and
svgalib always puts the A-V data on the local machine, Leif added many
revisions ago [00-55] a 'network' feature to Linrad.

If you have Linrad running on one machine, you can set it up in network mode
and then run a second copy of Linrad on a second machine.  It will use the
same data that the first Linrad copy is 'receiving'.

The copies of Linrad will run concurrently and the operators at the two
machines can each listen to the stations within the bandwidth [90 kHz in my
case].  This would be useful if you for example had a primary operator and a
'spotter'.  The operator at the second machine running Linrad could be
looking for additional stations/multipliers while the operator at the first
station was running stations on one frequency.  Or, you can use it to run
Linrad remotely from a second physical location [site] as long as the
datalink permits sufficiently rapid data transfer.

This nice network facility that Leif has built into the program works VERY
well, and it might be the answer to your needs.  How fast your link needs to
be depends upon how you structure the data that you send from one machine to

Leif has some info regarding this on the Linrad Home Page:
near the bottom, with a link to the Linrad Network Page which is at:

I have run Linrad remotely across a local network.  My ultimate goal is to
increase the speed of my high speed wireless link to a remote site
sufficiently so that I can run Linrad remotely by wireless link. Linrad
already does what is needed in this regard.  Its just a matter of improving
thruput on the wireless link.



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> Robert McGwier wrote:
> > Actually, an xterm is a tty but running under X windows.  It has
> > a bit more capability than a regular terminal but X windows must
> > be started so the answer for now is no since this runs under
> > svgalib.
> >
> > Bob
> >
> Thanks Bob thanks what I wanted to know
> Richard