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RE: [linrad] AM mode for .wav file

Hi Juan,
Default processing is (still) weak cw in Linrad.
When processing .wav files you should tell Linrad to use a separate
set of parameters for each type of wav files you have. Do this by
putting a second file name on the same line in adwav where you specified the
full path of the wav file.
You will be asked for processing mode and a set of parameter files will
be saved.
You may have several lines with different wav files and the same parameter file
and you mmay also have several lines with the same wav file and different
parameter files to process the same data in different ways.
Leif / SM5BSZ
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I’m trying to use a .wav file as source signal for Linrad and I have a problem.
The .wav file is in place and I’ve created a file in the Linrad folder called adwav with the full path and the file name in.
In the Main Menu, the “2” option works but… Linrad always switch to CW mode and I need AM mode.
How can I tell to Linrad to use AM mode to process a .wav file?
Juan Domenech