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[linrad] RE: BFO @ Version 19

Hello Werner,

> With version 19 the lower 2 vertical red bars cannot be moved, the filter
> settings change when attempting. The upper red bar works - operational
> change or bug?
This is a bug. It is correctewd in 01.20.

To use the lower vertical bars in 01.19, place the mouse at the x 
position of the upper bar and at the y position of the middle
or lower bar. Then press the left button and move.

> The traces in the AFC window continue sometimes even when "M" or AFC is
> disabled but not always.
If you find a way of making this repeatable, then please
make a copy of all parameter files and send them to
me so I can reproduce the phenomenon.

If AFC is disabled from the parameter menu there is no AFC 
window. If it is enabled, changing from "M" to "-" should 
make the AFC inactive.


Leif  / SM5BSZ