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RE: [linrad] Lynx Two

Hmm.  That is too bad.  Under ASIO 2.0 on Windows, with common clock
(external or internal) all buffers are synchronized across channels.
The FPGA on board does all alignments, resampling, etc. so no ticks
are stolen from the CPU.  I hope this is supported soon.  After I
got ASIO 2.0 support going using PortAudio 19, the Emu and the Lynx
are outstanding Windows cards.  The Emu 1212M is not yet supported under
Linux so far as I know and OSS is required for the Lynx 2 /L22.


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Hi Bob and all,

> Are you using the OSS driver?

Yes. Linrad-01.20 and above gives you the choice to open two devices
to give four audio channels. I asked Hannu at OSS and he said that
a 4-channel device is not planned until next year. I am not 100%
sure the timing is correct between the channels - and as I understand
it there is a risk that some process steals the cpu for a while
in the syncronisation process so the devices may become time shifted

Maybe I can start to look for the segfault on Thursday.
With some luck 01.20 will be available on Friday.


Leif / SM5BSZ