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[linrad] RE:Linrad Questions

> Q: what id the numerical histogram that shows up to the right of 
> the wide waterfall when you hit "F" in regular operating mode?

The "F" is a debug tool. There is an array flowcnt[] and different
locations in it are incremented each time a certain program
segment is executed.

The flowcnt[xx]++; statements that you can find in wcw.c may be
moved around between different Linrad versions.

The other debug tools I use are the xz(char *s); and qq(char *s);
calls that write to a debug file (set a flag in main.c) or write
on the screen while updating a counter that is also written to the 
screen. There is also qq1 and qq2 which do the same as qq but at 
other screen locations.

I never learned how to use more sophisticated debugging tools;-)


Leif  /  SM5BSZ