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RE: [linrad] Linrad Questions

Hi Joe,

>    But I can't seem to get any audio output at all.  Clicking on 
> a signal with the mouse produces the vertical green line, as 
> expected.
> I can go back to the originally compiled version of linrad, and 
> everything works OK as before.
I know you already solved this one.

The general philosopy behind Linrad is that it allows you
to do silly things. You get a list to choose from with the 
idea that it is easier to try some silly things that do 
not work than to read the documentation to be able to type 
the name of the correct device driver :-)

Likewise it is possible to set up silly parameter combinations
that destroy performance..... 

> I have things set up for 8000 Hz sampling on both input and 
> output.  It surely is significant that at the bottom left of the 
> screen, linrad reports "A/D: 8000 Hz   D/A: 0 Hz".  That looks 
> like no samples are actually being sent to the output device, 
> /dev/dsp0, so of course I get no sound in the speaker.  What have 
> I done wrong?  The file soundboard_init.log looks OK to me.
You have sent data to the output device, but the data stays
in the buffer and does not reach the loudspeaker and therefore
Linrad can not send any more data.....

> One more thing, I believe unrelated to the sound problem. 
> Somewhere in all this messing about, my display has gone flaky 
> when in svga mode.  Specifically, after running linrad for some 
> time -- typically 20 minutes or so, I think, but I haven't timed 
> it carefully -- the screen goes dark.  It's very much like a 
> power-saving feature or a screen-saver has been activated. 
> Moving the mouse or striking a key does not revive it, but if I 
> type CTRL-ALT-F7 the X11 display comes back up, as it should; and 
> then if I hit CTRL-ALT-F1 I', back in linrad, still running, with 
> the display looking normal.  Has anyone here seen something like 
> this, or have a clue what is going on?

I do not think it is a good idea to run Linrad under X (run mode 5). 
I always use a terminal in run mode 3 but Stan, KA1ZE reported that
he had to use mode 1 (single user) to have Linrad running properly.

The problem is that Linux has all sorts of things scheduled to
run now and then. Some of the sleeping things cause latency 
problems or simply overload the processor or disk io.
All of this is Linux issues of which I do not know much.

It seems to me that your X11 implementation has some activity that 
is in conflict with svgalib. Try to run svgatest to see if the 
screen goes dark to verify it is a svgalib problem. My guess is
that X11 decides you are not there and tries to save the screen
for you. Presumably X11 is unaware of the keyboard and mouse
activities that go via svgalib.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ