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Re: [linrad] Svgalib 1.4.3 to 1.9.18

Hi Stan,
Did you have to do:
> The problem is that RH kernel includes a feature (rmap VM),
> which is hard (at least, for me) to find. To compile
> the module anyway, make sure you have the latest version
> (1.9.18) and edit the file kernel26compat.h, changing line 10, so that
> it is a copy of line 22 ( so that io_remap_page_range() sees 5
> arguments). There might be similar issue with minor versus MINOR, which
> requires similar changes near the end of the file.
> Maybe you can help me here - all that is needed here is a
> gcc pre-processor trick that will find out if the rmap VM is used.

>I had to use Makefile.alt to compile svgalib_helper.


>Leif  /  SM5BSZ
I was able to make the needed changes in kernel26compat.h and now I am wondering if I need to make clean the 1.4.3 before installing the 1.9.18?
I wish I could comment about your audio problem. I will see you at the NEWS Confrence this weekend.
73, Stan, KA1ZE