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RE: [linrad] Trolltech/Qt

Has anyone looked at WxWindows?  I'm not coding with it (yet) due
to severe free-time constraints - and a need to transition from C
to C++, but it certainly looks inviting.  It's free on all
platforms, is cross-platform compatible, and can be redistributed
freely under the GPL.  The code base is C++, and it comes with
about 80 examples.

Everything I've read says you can write one program, compile it
with gcc on Linux with the accompanying X11 libraries, and it'll
look and operate just like a real X11 program.  Ditto for Motif,
KDE, and Gnome.  You can also compile it under Windows with gcc
or MSVC++ 5 & 6...and the executable will look like a native
Windows program.

I've also read that the Windows code actually runs faster than
Microsoft's own MFC code.  I believe that the latest version of
KDevelop now has hooks to support WxWindows development under the
IDE.  From what I've seen so far, the graphics functions look a
bit like those under Qt, and looks a heck of a lot simpler than
raw C code for X11.

I also have a dream of an X-based Linrad....actually - a multi-band
digitizer PC feeding several "receiver" workstations raw data via
the RTP protocol over 1000BT Ethernet or fiber.  Any user could
view any band (with appropriate hardware lockouts to protect other
users, of course).  Of all the development platforms I've reviewed
so far, WxWindows looks like it may be the most flexible for the job.

Now if I could just figure out how to slow down time....

Dan  KB5MY/6  DM13nc
   Ramona, CA USA

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