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[linrad] ALSA install on RH9 with Intel 8x0 chip

Title: ALSA install on RH9 with Intel 8x0 chip

I'm trying to install ALSA 1.0.2 on RH9 using the alsa install guide for the Intel 8x0 chip.

 After installing the alsa-driver package I did a "chmod a+wr /dev/midi" and received a "no such file" error. Under /dev there was no "midi" file however, there were files of the type: midi0, midi1,…midi3 and midi00, midi01,…midi03.

Can someone please enlighten me as to why this error occurs?

I then installed the alsa-lib and alsa-utils packages without error. I ran alsamixer and unmuted the ports. I then followed the directions to modify the etc/modules.conf file and added the lines needed to load the sound modules on startup. This seemed to work as the RH startup script indicated successful load on boot up.

However, the sound does not work.


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