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[linrad] Linrad-01.13

Hi All,

A bug correction is made in the spur removal memory
allocation. The bug has been present since spur
removal was introduced, if Linrad does not exit
through an error exit, there is no reason to
upgrade from 01.12 because the error exit is a safe
result of a memory test done occasionally while Linrad 
is idle.

Linrad-01.13 is more user friendly (hopefully) in case you
try to allocate more RAM memory than available. In case
you have 01.12 up and running, there is no advantage in
changing for 01.13 because there is no difference at all
in the processing code once memory is allocated.

I do not get much feedback. Seems unlikely that the reason
is that there are no problems.........

Please report bugs or unexpected behaviour!


Leif  / SM5BSZ