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RE: [linrad] Compiler choice

Hi Brian

Thanks for the tip. You are correct it is useful for me to use the SW that
the University does, especially as all the class tests will be conducted in
this environment. When I was looking at the prices they were much more than
that! I could stand $100, I had better look into it a little bit more.

I will download what you have suggested though because I have an interest in
becoming proficient at programming anyway. It would be good to make my own
decisions as to what I like. I can understand why the University is forced
to use the Windows environment, considering the spread of students. Most are
in some form of engineering, but that is a VERY broad term!

I suppose that blanket licenses for Universities are attractively priced,
Microsoft aren't stupid!


Conrad G0RUZ

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Hi Conrad,

Good luck with the study. If the course uses Microsoft VS, then you really
have to use that. It is difficult to switch between the various IDE's. At
least my brain has difficulty switching, yours is a bit younger... Microsoft
have academic pricing around US$100.
I do not use any Microsoft compilers. If you want something different, have
look at www.eclipse.org (also free from IBM) which is based around java
(which will certainly be coming later in your course).

73 Brian ZL1CWN.