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[linrad] For W3SZ

Hi Roger,

I have tried to send mails to you several times in the past (comments
to things on MOON-NET) but I have got the following message from

This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:
Your message was not delivered because the return address was refused.
The return address was 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'  (my address)

This time my message was an answer to your question so I send it
via the Linrad mailing list.




Hi Roger,

> Will the hardware interface bug affect the 3 units I already have 
> [RX2500, RX10700,
> RX70]?
Maybe. Depends on many things.

If you see the message NO RESPONSE FROM HARDWARE it is probably
the bug, but it could also be incorrect connections.
The next version has a function for testing the serial communication to
the hardware so it will be easy to troubleshoot.

The bug is that i forgot to update a variable against which time
is compared before the clock is toggled. This means that the clock
may become too fast on a fast computer..........

I am waiting to see if there will be some response to the swap issue.
It is necessary to issue the command:

swapoff -a

Then verify that Linrad runs with the parameters you have selected.
If it does, just issue

swapon -a

to turn swap on again.

This will be the recommendation unless someone has a better suggestion.