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Re: [linrad] Linux

A bit late for this discussion but I would like giving my opinion.

I recently (this summer) switched from Mandrake to Debian and I am very
happy with this distribution. I think I have almost definitly abandoned Microflof Wingsdos.
I would not recomend Debian for linux beginners, but once you get used to it you fell very confortable and you have everything under your control. And the best thing, you end learning linux at text level, avoiding graphical configuration tools. I have everything I need from a computer in Linux: Digital camera, scanner, printer, internet, watch tv,  programming languages.....etc. Recently I discovered Octave, a powerfull language that is a Matlab clone, really nice, no more Windows use for Matlab. Everything I need is on my Debian 7 CDs set. If I need a more up to date aplication I connect to the Debian ftp site and I download automaticaly the new packages and its dependencies.  

Sorry, not too much free time to do any EME and any Linrad testing now(sorry Leif).
Today I switched my linux from OSS to ALSA sound sistem  and Linrad  works fine (It was a
bit tricky but I think this would be easier with the new 2.6 kernel
series. ( I use 2.4.18 kernel compiled here )

I would recomend Knoppix cause its easy instalation and the power and
stability of Debian. A couple of weeks
ago I bought the live-cd Knoppix distro and I liked it so much that  I installed
it into another disk partition and now I have Debian, knoppix, and
saddly....XP (for a few programs :-(    ) Now I use Debian 98%, XP 1%,
Knoppix 1% of
the time.
Knoppix is completly Debian based, and once you have it installed in the
hard disk you can use all Debian packages ( more than 8000). Knoppix can be very useful for system rescue and for helping Debian to
configure some hardware. There are
many vendors over the world where you can buy Debian and Knoppix CDs very cheap.

Here in Spain, you can buy 7 CD full Debian distribution for only 14 $ plus shipping.
Really nice.

Good luck, and enjoy EME and Linux.

Ramiro, EA1ABZ.
4x12 1.5kW 144 MHz (only summer time)  :-(

On Fri, Jan 02, 2004 at 06:45:53AM -0500, John Harrison, NI1B wrote:
> Hi all,
>    You might also consider Knoppix and Debian (both free). Here, knoppix
> seems to be pretty good.
>    regards,
>    john, ni1b
> On 1 Jan 2004, Sergio wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > I am in progress to switch distro from Mandrake to something else at
> > least on one of my machines.  I played for a couple of days with a copy
> > of RH 9.A that I found on some magazine.  Immediately I had to face
> > one-hundred of difficulties I didn't have with MDK but that was somewhat
> > expected.  I was told that RH basically is now totally obsolete and
> > Fedora has replaced it. Before I get too much into it (RH) I'd like to
> > check some opinions here.
> > 
> > I am obviously not looking for a 'standard' distro in a world where it
> > does basically not exhist one; anyhow, is anyone feeling like suggesting
> > something 'oriented' in that direction.    
> > 
> > Cheers and good 2004 to all of you.
> > 
> > Thanks in advance.
> > 
> > Sergio
> >