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Re: [linrad] Intel 82801E Display Adapter

Hi Sigurd,

  It may in fact be a mouse protocol mismatch between the "type" on both
ends of the link. What I mean is that "Microsoft" protocol is MUCH
different than the other common protocol. If the receiving end doesn't
match the sending end the mouse will appear to jump around unpredictably. 

  Cure - Some very old mice had switches rather than the current
"automatic" protocol detection now used. Try a variety of mice. You will
probably find one combination that "just works". From there you and

  Also check the /etc/vga/libvga.conf file and change its settings to
match the mouse your X windows system is using. Explanation - not all mice
can/will switch protocols once they are initialized, so your vga mouse
parameters "should" match your Xwindows /etc/X11R6/XF86Config parameters.
Some distributions don't properly keep the mouse types the same in both

  Good luck.
  john, ni1b


On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, Sigurd Kimpel wrote:

> Ayone have any good experience with an Intel  82801 Display Adapter?   I
> have Linrad running on my desktop computer which has an AGP card, but have
> not been able to get the svga libraries to run (mouse is uncontrollable,
> otherwise display is ok) with an HP e-pc.   I operate as a rover and taking
> my desktop with me is awkward at best :-)
> 73.... Sigurd Kimpel KJ1K/Rover