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RE: [linrad] Red Hat 9

While it is not exactly what I would recommend for the beginning Linux user,
you can install ALSA sound drivers for both of the cards you mentioned.
They are both excellent cards with M-Audio USB Audiophile rated in the
top few (<=5) cards by many audio officianados.  My tests with Rightmark,
running under windows is that the card is second only to Lynx L22.
If you want, you can install Suse linux which I recommend, it comes with
native ALSA support and you cards will be identified at install.
RedHat has abandoned Linux 9.0 type installations and no further support
will be offered after April next year.
Novell has purchased Suse and IBM bought $50,000,000 worth of the
stock immediately.  IBM is supporting Linux and open source software
in a big way.  RedHat is spinning off the Fedora project but has suggested
that you "sign up for a mailing list to get support".  Support for people
with home networks (those that need DHCP and Named) <<STARTS>>
at $450 under the new RedHat Enterprise offerings.  I refuse to have
anything further to do with RedHat and have installed my last of it
with RedHat 9.  Suse is next for me.
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I am just getting started setting up Linux. I purchased a book "Sams Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux 9 in 24 Hours", and it came with 2 install discs for Red Hat 9. Before I get started, has anyone had any experience with 9? Should I just plod away at converting my new computer to Linux? I have a 2.8Ghz P4, 512MB DDR SDRAM , 160GB HD,and NVIDIA FX 5200 graphics. I also have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz audio card and a M-Audio USB Audiophile external audio device. I suspect I'll have to buy a Delta 44 card sense I could not find Linux drivers for my above audio cards.

Stan, KA1ZE