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RE: [linrad] Linrad Problem?

Hi Terry,

>     This week end I used Linrad 1.06 during the contest.   I noticed that 
> after I used Linrad for a period of time the S-Meters and 
> coherent display 
> would lock up.   I could restart the only by exiting to the main page and 
> then going back into the display mode.   On at least one occasion the AFC 
> display locked up for awhile as well but clicking on the baseband display 
> restarted it.   Has any one else had this happen?

You did not by any chance enable morse decoding?
Do not do that, it is just experimental and of no value now, byt
may cause various problems.
>     Also, it seems like the audio is being over driven in on stage some 
> where because the signals seem to be always distorted.   My Peak S-Meter 
> reads about 15 dB and the main spectrum is around 0 for the 
> noise.   How do I figure out where (if) the audio is overdriven?
The volume indicator in the baseband graph. If it goes red at the top
and if you have selected to use the "stupid limiting" function
your audio will be distorted in the digital part. Otherwise there
is never audio distortion unless something happens in the audio
card. There may be various volume controls that you set with a mixer 

If the above did not help, run as usual, but press 'F' and 'T'. When the
system hangs, press G - maybe you are allowed to make a screen dump that
can give some information.

In case you select poor parameters that cause excessive cpu load
(there are several ways to do that) there will not be time to do everything
and your system will lock up. Then there should be various warning

One of the silly things is to ask for more memory than you actually 
have. Then execution will be off the hard disk.............


Leif / SM5BSZ