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[linrad] Linrad Problem?


This week end I used Linrad 1.06 during the contest. I noticed that after I used Linrad for a period of time the S-Meters and coherent display would lock up. I could restart the only by exiting to the main page and then going back into the display mode. On at least one occasion the AFC display locked up for awhile as well but clicking on the baseband display restarted it. Has any one else had this happen?

Also, it seems like the audio is being over driven in on stage some where because the signals seem to be always distorted. My Peak S-Meter reads about 15 dB and the main spectrum is around 0 for the noise. How do I figure out where (if) the audio is overdriven?

Computer is an Athlon XP 2000 with 500 megs of RAM.

Terry KJ7F
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