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RE: [linrad] linrad compiling error at suse 9.0

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> Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 7:12 PM
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> Subject: [linrad] linrad compiling error at suse 9.0
> Hi all,
> Never change a running system!!!!
> Updated to suse 9.0 and installed a new LCD screen and faced the following
> proplem when compiling linrad:
>   freq_control.c
> gcc -olinrad -lvgagl -lvga -lm \
> -Wl,-s,-Map,linrad.map,-warn-common,--cref\
> main.o ui.o setvga.o setad.o fft1.o buf.o mouse.o wide_graph.o \
> getiq.o fft0.o rxtest.o hires_graph.o fftasm.o baseband_graph.o mix2.o \
> afc_graph.o hwaredriver.o sellim.o palette.o gifsave.o timing.o help.o \
> calibrate.o calsub.o calsub2.o llsqvar.o llsq.o caliq.o timf2.o wcw.o \
> hwarevar.o selvar.o fft2var.o sigvar.o screenvar.o uivar.o fft1var.o \
> fft3var.o calvar.o blnkvar.o mix1.o fft1_re.o fft1_approx.o fft1_complex.o
> \
> simdasm.o blank1.o fft2.o pol_graph.o split.o afcsub.o modesub.o spur.o \
> cohsub.o coherent.o eme.o spursub.o freq_control.o fft2mmxb.o fft2mmxa.o \
> tune.o txtest.o network.o fft2mmxc.o hware.o fft3.o
> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i586-suse-linux/3.3.1/../../../../i586-suse-linux/bin/ld:
> cannot find -lvgagl
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make: *** [linrad] Error 1
> linuxtest:/home/linrad-01.07 #
> Do I miss any package or link??

this statement :"cannot find -lvgagl" actually means
can not find libvgagl

I can remove libvgagl.so.1 from my system and rum make
without any error. If I do that, an attempt to run
linrad causes an error

The libvgagl file is present at another place:
If I remove this file I get the error message you observe.
What file the -l command makes gcc to look at and how the
svgalib package installs it's files is a mystery to me.
Have you tried to install svgalib as described at the Linrad
home page? In my experience it has never failed. You will
not get the latest version though. I do not know how to
install the more recent development versions, something that
I know other members of this list have done sucessfully
but I did not try very hard because svgalib-1.4.3 vorks fine
on all systems I have tried.

You need the /usr/lib/libvgagl.so.1 file to be in place too.
When you start linrad it looks for the same library at
another place which is silly. Presumably one should
change the svgalib setup file or perhaps the files that
control gcc. I am not a Linux guru enough to do that so
I simply keep two copies of the same file. Both
are actually links to the file in the .../svgalib-1.4.3/sharedlib

You probably have the file in place somewhere. Otherwise 
the compiler would not have been sucessful finding vgagl.h.

Using vgalib as supplied with various distributions does not
always work.


Leif / SM5BSZ