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Re:[linrad] Getting started

Richard, I am not a computer or software guru but I can tell you that I have one similar problem with my genuine P3-533 and MDK9.1.  In my case the whole machine freezes badly and I can't do anything else but turn it off by removing the power, a thing that disturbs Linux quite badly. This happens only after I reach the RX screen which starts out working well and freezes rock hard after about 30 seconds of operation...    I have exactly the same software ( same Linrad and same Linux coming from same disks and installed the same way) installed on an Athlon 1.8 GHz machine and it works like a Stradivari's violin.   I have to assume that it is motherboard or interfaces or processor related, this problem.  On the 533 Mhz machine I have 256MB of ram while on the Athlon I have 512Mb but I guess it is not a matter or RAM as 256Mb aren't too bad of a space especially for a linux machine.

This does not answer your fact, just to divulgate and report another crashing system.


Sergio IK2MMB

> Hi
> trying to get linrad to run, albeit with difficulty
> OS Mandrake 9.1, kernel 2.4.21.-25mdk WM =gnome
> processor amd 1.2 GHz duron 500MB ram
> installed svgalib-1.4.3mdk and svgalib-devel-1.4.3,
> both of the libs are no longer distributed  since MDK 8.1.
> compiled linrad eventually and started from the command line
> X gets killed 
> message 
> /proc/cpuinfo says linuxcore is not compatable
> svgalib reports mouse is type 5
> I select 800x 600 and font 1
> screen goes totally blank, and monitor is turned off
> ctrl + alt +f1  shows active console.
> alt+f7 to return to X just a small block saying 80x40 on the xterm
> and a message linrad start on tty8
> ctrl + alt f8 agin blank and no drive to the monitor
> alt + f12 ( my syslog is echoed here) to see wghat s happened
> not good cant change between consoles, keyboard locked out.
> so hit the reset button on the PC, this I dont like doing
> Nothing was recorded in syslog
> I would prefer to run a native linux prog for this.
> sitting windows app on either win4lin or vmware really screws up any dsp
> function
> 73 mvh
> Richard G8JVM
> -- 
> Richard Bown <richard.bown@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>