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FW: RE: console switching problem (solved!) (Leif Asbrink Oct 13 2002)

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Sent: Sunday, October 13, 2002 9:01 AM
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Subject: RE: [linrad] console switching problem (solved!)

Hi All,
> The problem was solved by replacing a video card  from Matrox 
> Millennium G400
> to NVIDIA GeForce2 MX.
> It runs same as Roger wrote!!!
> Oh well, I didn't realize that Linrad runs in such a way, great!
> Now, thanks to the todays Internet I have reached to "Linux Hardware 
> Compatibility HOWTO".
> http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Hardware-HOWTO/video.html
> You can see section 6.4. SVGALIB (graphics for console) where only 
> a few card listed while a bunch of boards supported in XFree86.
> I've been thinking for long time I would ask to Leif someday 
> wether Leif has any plan of implementation of XFree86 so that 
> we can take advantage of state of art Xwindows.

I know practically nothing about Xwindows. I have no idea wether it
would be easy or not to move Linrad to it. Graphics is time critical
so any overhead must be rather small with the present state of the art 

Linrad is free software. Anyone interested may move it to Xwindows
or Microsoft Windows but I am not a programmer and I find it difficult
and unnecessary to go in that direction myself. At the moment my focus
is on the radio hardware, this means Linrad is fairly stable and now 
is an excellent time for bug corrections. I know there are bugs, I have
been thrown out from Linrad with an error message myself (AFC error).
This error was not reproducible so it is still there;-)

If you find a bug, please spend some time to find out if you can 
reproduce it. If you can, please save everything in a separate 
directory! I am very interested in reports on reproducible bugs:-)

The 70MHz PCB will arrive next week.........


Leif  /  SM5BSZ