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FW:RE: Linrad on Redhat Linux 8.0 (Cominelli Franco Oct 04 2002)

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Mandrake 8 is also very nice.I tested Linrad on 47 release and all seem to
work really very nice.


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Da: Kohjin Yamada [http://www.opensound.com/
	Download and install it.
	You will notice an audio test comes at installation and
	there is no error detected in Delta 44 as was in 3.9.7c.

I found that CPU load in 'ps aux' or 'top' shows less than 40%
whilst more than 90% on RedHat 7.3 and older.
I don't mean I would recommend 8.0, I'm just evaluating it now.

Kohjin - JR1EDE