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Re: SV: [linrad] Live-CD for linrad

Hi Josh,

    On the CD subject.

    I think it is a great idea. I have had very good results with
autodetection of network devices with sisela linux ( a single floppy
router sort of thing). So I suspect that once its up and really running a
CD version of linux oriented towards linrad will be *MOST* useful. 

    I too think leaf has a very good idea. Seperate into pieces. OS on cd.
Linrad executable on floppy (if it will fit) and setup files on another
floppy. That way one can work on linrad and use the identical parameter
files. Besides floppies there are various memory cards with USB readers or
just PCMCIA adapters for laptops. They are read/write and easy to change.

     They can be copied to RAM for speed if needed.

     The whole autodetection thing seems to be just coming into its own at
this point. The problem areas for me always seem to be Video, Audio, mouse
and network. Once those are running the rest is easy.

     So any sort of universal scanner and or test programs would be most
useful. Maybe we could just put together some test programs. It seems like
once one determines what kind of card one really has, getting it running
is possible and sometimes even easy.

     I should really spend some more time on what you have already done.
Right now linrad dies with a 'using SIMD instructions', may crash message
and then crashes. Probably just selecting the right FFT or something.

     In any case, the default parameters should be the most vanilla we can
select so that any new users have the maximum chance of it just beginning
to work when they first power it up.

     IMHO - The main linrad program should begin to run and then allow
various peripherals to be tested one at a time in the various modes to
find out what 'happens' to work on the given PC.

     Once that has been done, and the proper parameter file set, the rest
is cake :)).

     warm regards,

On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, Kent Hansson wrote:

> Sorry about the delay Josh!
> I downloaded the image and burned a CD. It starts just fine on my Compaq
> Laptop (Presario 700)??. But not on my desktop Fujitsu/Siemens it`s seems to
> be some problem with the integrated videocard.
> I think the idea is great and the size is not a problem, at least if you
> sits on xDSL or better. However a lot of people still is trapped with 56k
> modems so if possible a smaller package would probably increase interest.
> 73 de  SM7MMJ
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> > The image is only 33MB, and you can burn it via Windows.
> >
> > Please let me know how it works for you?
> > If you have any questions or suggections please pass those along.
> >
> > 73, KD7HGL
> >
> > 						Later, JOSH
> >
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> > [1] http://morphix.sourceforge.net/modules/news/
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