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delta44 and Linrad


because having found no solution on the web here my question:
Under SuSe 8.2 and alsa i have installed an delta44 and sb16. The delta
could be configured with the envy24 control software and set to 96000 Hz.
This configuration was stored and seems to work under linux.
But under linrad i can chose only 48000 Hz and 16 bit for both cards.
Choosing 48000 for the delta 44 ends in an internal error.

I know that other om had this problem, perhaps someone has found an
solution; on the web i found no solution.

Thanks for any information in advance
ernst, dl2lac

PS the only way for me to install svgalib with SuSe 8.2 is to install it
under SuSe 8.1 and then updating to SuSe 8.2. Direkt install under SuSe 8.2
ended with an error-message when running the demo-progs.