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Re: [linrad] It works now on the 486!

John Harrison, NI1B wrote:

Dear John!
Nice to hear that we are resuscitating our old machines!
They can serve us for good amateur radio work thanks to Leif's genial software.

I am interested in what kind of sound card you use and if Linrad detects /dev/dsp and /dev/dsp1 devices. Mine only detects /dev/dsp so that I must use the same device for D/A and D/A. Should my Sound Blaster 16 card work with both devices?


Hi all,

I couldn't resist it. I dusted off my old 486DX2-66 and it too runs
Linrad (some old version).

It runs as both single and I/Q.
So Ramiro, thanks for your note. I will have to try 0103 here on the
486. Right now, I am running some old version of RedHat. But it does work
at least at an 8kc sample rate.

warm regards to all Linraders,
john, ni1b