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Re: [linrad] Almost there but not quite

W6WO wrote:

Installing Linrad in Madrake 9.1 is easy when you have done it more than once....hi,hi..the first time is a bit tricky...hi..

Depending on your computer speed, the "make" comands can take long time, so be pacient and take some beers... :-)

First, you have to run Linux as "root", if you are on a console window you type:

su root

then you enter your root password.

Second, you have to install "nasm" assembler and "svgalib"( in my mandrake 3 CDROM distribution nasm was included as .rpm file)

After svgalib install you need to edit a config file called /etc/vga/libvga.config

Last thing is ./configure, then "make", ./linrad.

Very important : After installing linrad, run "aumix" and set Line input as recording device.

I do not give any details cause you can follow instructions in Leif's homepage step by step, they are very well explained and detailed. I have done it here in my Mandrake 9.1 with my 1200 MHz athlon and Mandrake 6.1 in the 486 and works great.

Everything in Linux requires a little effort,but when it works, the system runs very stable. Be prepared for reading a lot of doc files, but you will learn many things!! Be carefull with the beers....hi.

Windows Millenium hangs here several times a day, or do strange things....hi..

PD: For compiling programs you need to have "gcc" compiler installed, so select it during Linux Mandrake install process. It is also a good idea selecting "kernel development" in case you need in the future (not for Linrad).

Sorry for the bad english.

I have Mandrake 9.1 installed and downloaded linrad 01.01 Ran "config" which appeared to go smoothly and then ran "make". Recvd the message "linrad.map permission denied" No linrad executable was created.

Any and all suggestions please.