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Re: [linrad] More SuSE 8.2 Help


I have the sound part working now under alsa with the built in ac97 sound chip. I ended up using kmix. The trick is to mute everything except igain, pcm our and line out. igain sets the input to the board and pcm/line out to set the output levels.

Now if anyone has any ideas as to my display problems. I tried doing a screen capture but it cam out black! I can run the vga test in the svga demo programs and it works fine. I can't see anything else in libvga.config to tinker with. It sure would be nice to have the screen work right under linrad.

Terry KJ7F

At 09:12 AM 8/3/2003 +0200, you wrote:
try to experiment first with the programme krecord( it is in suse 8.2). That
has a recording level indicator and helps you in setting the mixer controls.
If you are able to record and replay a sound with krecord than linrad should
work ok.(Switch off krecord before starting linrad)
I have no knowledge about the screen problems.
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> Gang,
>     With Arie's help I have svgalib installed.   The RPM he provided
> great.   I had to go in and change some settings in libvga.config but I
> have the screen working... sort of.   The image is very very dim and there
> is no color.   I am using an ATI Expert 128 card with a Rage 128 chip and
> Phillips 150S LCD monitor.   Any ideas any one?   Has any one else even
> seen this?
>     I am trying to use the built in AV97 sound since I can't use my old
> soundblaster card any more.   New motherboards don't have ISA slots any
> more.   I can hear sound in the headphones but don't see it on the display
> and changing the settings don't effect the audio levels.   It is obvious
> that the sound is not going through the linrad processor.   Any ideas on
> what I'm doing wrong here?
> Terry  KJ7F