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More SuSE 8.2 Help


With Arie's help I have svgalib installed. The RPM he provided worked great. I had to go in and change some settings in libvga.config but I now have the screen working... sort of. The image is very very dim and there is no color. I am using an ATI Expert 128 card with a Rage 128 chip and a Phillips 150S LCD monitor. Any ideas any one? Has any one else even seen this?

I am trying to use the built in AV97 sound since I can't use my old old soundblaster card any more. New motherboards don't have ISA slots any more. I can hear sound in the headphones but don't see it on the display and changing the settings don't effect the audio levels. It is obvious that the sound is not going through the linrad processor. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong here?

Terry KJ7F