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Re: [linrad] RE:New Linrad e-mail list user

Thanks Robert.

Here we have the result: in /dev/ folder
ls -l dsp*

crw-rw-rw-    1 ea1abz   audio     14,   3 Apr 17  1999 dsp
crw-rw-rw-    1 ea1abz   audio     14,  19 Apr 17  1999 dsp1

Yes, I work always as root for Linrad.

That should be

chmod a+rw /dev/dsp*

Sorry for the typo


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Please do

ls -l  /dev/dsp*

and return to us the results.  You might
also try

chmod a+rw /dev/dsp&

while logged in as root.

If you are already logged in as root, please forget this


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Leif Åsbrink wrote:


Paraphrase: You are happy but want second card to work

My sound card is a classic Sound Blaster 16 and 24 MB RAM 486

Any sugerences?
Many thanks for your help.

Hello Ramiro,

I have installed the following Linrad versions:
and I can not make any of them work properly in the 486. When I press left
mouse button on the waterfall graph to listen to the signal, the
sound works
some seconds, then stops and come back later, and so on.... I do not know
what happened cause I got it working two years ago. I get delay
times longer
than 20 seconds. In the past I get shorter delay times and better computer
response (now it is too slow). I think I need to study Linrad manual in
order to understand it better and weak the parameters properly. I do not
remember what parameters I used, perhaps you keep our old
e-mails? I deleted them. :-)
Yes, I keep old E-mails to some extent and I found a report from
you specifying the following par_userint file:
vga mode [11]
font scale [1]
mouse speed [64]
input mode [0]
rx channels [1]
ad channels [1]
ad speed [6000]
ad device no [32]
ad device mode [0]
ad frag [8]
da device no [33]
min da speed [5000]
max da speed [44100]
max da channels [2]
max da bytes [2]
min da channels [1]
min da bytes [1]
check [2220024]

These were the par_wcw parameters:
First FFT bandwidth (Hz) [15]
First FFT window (power of sin) [1]
First forward FFT version [3]
First FFT storage time (s) [4]
First FFT amplitude [1000]
Enable second FFT [0]
First backward FFT version [0]
First backward FFT att. N [5]
Second FFT bandwidth factor in powers of 2 [2]
Second FFT window (power of sin) [0]
Second forward FFT version [0]
Second forward FFT att. N [7]
Second FFT storage time (s) [5]
Enable AFC [0]
AFC averaging time (s) [5]
AFC delay (%) [25]
AFC min S/N (dB) [6]
AFC lock range Hz [150]
AFC max drift Hz/minute [100]
First mixer bandwidth reduction in powers of 2 [4]
First mixer no of channels [1]
Baseband storage time (s) [200]
Output delay margin (0.1sek) [5]
Output sampling speed (Hz) [6000]
Default output mode [0]
A/D speed [6000]
Check [1110024]

The parameter file changes a little from version to version
but I think the above sholud make it easy to restore the
performance you had Sept 14 2001, at least with 00-35.
In case more recent versions run slower or behave incorrectly
on your 486 I would be very interested to know.


Leif / SM5BSZ