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RE:New Linrad e-mail list user

Hi Ramiro,

> Now , linrad only detects 1 dsp working device (/dev/dsp),
> and before there were 2 devices (/dev/dsp and /dev/dsp1, linrad detected
> 32 and 33, now only 32). Linrad says dsp1 does not work, so that I use
> dsp for input and output (rd/wr).
If it worked before, it should still work. If it does not, the reason
is probably something that could and should be fixed.
Maybe the soundboard_init.log file has some information?
(I do no longer remember when this file was introduced, but it should be
present in recent Linrad versions)

> I have been
> searching in /dev/ folder and I have got the two devices dsp1 and dsp ,
> but dsp1 does not work with Linrad. I have played changing DMAhigh and
> DMAlow,and  IRQ from sound card at /etc/conf.modules but no luck.
> Everytime sound stops Linrad says "sync error"
> Now, changing parameters Linrad35 WORKS NOW in the 486 without sync
> errors but linrad56 and linrad 01.03 do not work properly( many sync
> errors, and sound stops). Does it make sense? 
No. It indicates I made a mistake somewhere;)

In 01.03 you have a choice:
Use close and reopen for D/A when
a new signal is selected (Y/N)

I am not sure if it really makes any difference when
a device is in RDWR mode.

> Perhaps too much work for the 486? if I can make the 
> two dsp devices working will the situation improve?
That could be a way to work around my programming
error - but I think it would be better to track down
the problem.

A first question:
When you run 01.03 and have clicked on a signal. Does it
happen that it runs OK until you click on a new signal
or does it always stop with sync errors after a little while?
The answer on this question might give a fast route to the 
source of the problem. It will be very time consuming
on a 486 to find out between which two versions the change
that makes your 486 computer not run was made.

Stopping the output while the input is left running does not
work always and I have made various things to make errors
less frequent. I think one device stops the interrupt response 
for the other one during a too long time. Maybe some of the
things I did to handle those problems was bad for a RDWR device.