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Re: [linrad] RE:New Linrad e-mail list user

Leif Åsbrink wrote:

Hello Leif you are great! You keep everything! I remember sometime ago
when you solved a question about a contest in moon-net, and you had
recorded all the ARRL contest audio from your station.!! :-)

Sorry for delay, but I am migrating from windows to Linux slowly and I have
been two days working hard until I have now running my "winmodem" into
mandrake 9.1, after installed some drivers from the Internet. I am
writting from Mozilla Mail in Linux. Amazing, I can't believe it, I was
thinking in throwing my "winmodem" trough the window and buy an external
one...hi! Now I have also Linrad working in Mandrake 9.1 with my athlon
1200 MHz.

Many thanks for the data you have sent about my linrad past
configuration on the 486.I see one important diference from that
parameters to the
current ones. Now , linrad only detects 1 dsp working device (/dev/dsp),
and before there were 2 devices (/dev/dsp and /dev/dsp1, linrad detected
32 and 33, now only 32). Linrad says dsp1 does not work, so that I use
dsp for input and output (rd/wr). I have been
searching in /dev/ folder and I have got the two devices dsp1 and dsp ,
but dsp1 does not work with Linrad. I have played changing DMAhigh and
DMAlow,and IRQ from sound card at /etc/conf.modules but no luck.
Everytime sound stops Linrad says "sync error"

Now, changing parameters Linrad35 WORKS NOW in the 486 without sync
errors but linrad56 and linrad 01.03 do not work properly( many sync
errors, and sound stops). Does it make sense? Perhaps too much work for
the 486? if I can make the two dsp devices working will the situation improve?

My sound card is a classic Sound Blaster 16 and 24 MB RAM 486

Any sugerences?
Many thanks for your help.

Hello Ramiro,

I have installed the following Linrad versions:
and I can not make any of them work properly in the 486. When I press left
mouse button on the waterfall graph to listen to the signal, the sound works
some seconds, then stops and come back later, and so on.... I do not know
what happened cause I got it working two years ago. I get delay times longer
than 20 seconds. In the past I get shorter delay times and better computer
response (now it is too slow). I think I need to study Linrad manual in
order to understand it better and weak the parameters properly. I do not
remember what parameters I used, perhaps you keep our old e-mails? I deleted them. :-)
Yes, I keep old E-mails to some extent and I found a report from
you specifying the following par_userint file:
vga mode [11]
font scale [1]
mouse speed [64]
input mode [0]
rx channels [1]
ad channels [1]
ad speed [6000]
ad device no [32]
ad device mode [0]
ad frag [8]
da device no [33]
min da speed [5000]
max da speed [44100]
max da channels [2]
max da bytes [2]
min da channels [1]
min da bytes [1]
check [2220024]

These were the par_wcw parameters:
First FFT bandwidth (Hz) [15]
First FFT window (power of sin) [1]
First forward FFT version [3]
First FFT storage time (s) [4]
First FFT amplitude [1000]
Enable second FFT [0]
First backward FFT version [0]
First backward FFT att. N [5]
Second FFT bandwidth factor in powers of 2 [2]
Second FFT window (power of sin) [0]
Second forward FFT version [0]
Second forward FFT att. N [7]
Second FFT storage time (s) [5]
Enable AFC [0]
AFC averaging time (s) [5]
AFC delay (%) [25]
AFC min S/N (dB) [6]
AFC lock range Hz [150]
AFC max drift Hz/minute [100]
First mixer bandwidth reduction in powers of 2 [4]
First mixer no of channels [1]
Baseband storage time (s) [200]
Output delay margin (0.1sek) [5]
Output sampling speed (Hz) [6000]
Default output mode [0]
A/D speed [6000]
Check [1110024]

The parameter file changes a little from version to version
but I think the above sholud make it easy to restore the
performance you had Sept 14 2001, at least with 00-35.
In case more recent versions run slower or behave incorrectly
on your 486 I would be very interested to know.


Leif / SM5BSZ