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Re: [linrad] RE:New Linrad e-mail list user

Hello Leif,

I have installed the following Linrad versions:
and I can not make any of them work properly in the 486. When I press left
mouse button on the waterfall graph to listen to the signal, the sound works
some seconds, then stops and come back later, and so on.... I do not know
what happened cause I got it working two years ago. I get delay times longer
than 20 seconds. In the past I get shorter delay times and better computer
response (now it is too slow). I think I need to study Linrad manual in
order to understand it better and weak the parameters properly. I do not
remember what parameters I used, perhaps you keep our old e-mails? I deleted
them. :-)


73, Ramiro, EA1ABZ
4x12 , 1500W

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Subject: RE: [linrad] RE:New Linrad e-mail list user

> Hello Ramiro,
> > Is it posible to have two Linrad versions installed at the same time to
> > able to compare them easily and quickly?
> YES. Linrad is for radio amateurs, not for computer specialists.
> The philosophy is very simple:
> 1) Everything (that could change) is contained in a single directory.
> Make as many directories as you wish and place different versions
> of Linrad in them (and go ahead and do whatever changes you like in the
> The directories will stay independent so nothing you do in one of them
> will damage any other.
> 2) Large data files may be placed anywhere. My QRSS test file for
> example is 1.2 Gigabytes and I do not want multiple copies of it;)
> That is why you need files to tell where the datafiles are.
> adwav for where you have .wav files and adfile for your files
> in Linrad's own format.
> 3) The EME data base has a fixed location.
> I have found a bug in 01-xx, these versions do not work properly
> if you deselect the second fft you must enable the AFC to avoid
> errors. This bug is corrected for 01-04.
> 73
> Leif