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Re: [linrad] Linrad

Hi All,

  Bob, Leif was kind enough to add a "hard limiter" to linrad. This is an
old idea from an Collins radio of years ago. The control is on the FFT3

  I use it all the time.

  I makes listening to CW most pleasant.

  I adjust the volume on the FFT3 window so the HF background noise is
just below clipping and I adjust the speaker volume control for a
comfortable level. 

  When a signal appears it is clipped right away, keeping loud noises from
my ears :))  Also, if there is QRN it is clipped :)))  

  Also, I can tell how loud the signals are by how clipped they sound :))
(The lounder the higher harmonics are, the louder the incoming signal is.)

  Also, the CW doesn't seem to echo around the room as much.

  I have been working on a 'poor man's' 24 bit ADC. Someday I hope to see
my first one.

  Happy linrading,


On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, Robert McGwier wrote:

> I am new to the list.  I would like to hear
> experiences of people using the noise blanker
> in Linrad on HF.  THis piece of Leif's work
> is the part that has piqued my interest the
> most.  Before this, I had never considered
> doing noise pulse cancellation rather than
> noise blanking.  I am very interested in
> extending this work using techniques known
> to me.
> Bob McGwier
> N4HY