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RE: [linrad] Linrad

Hi, Leif and group

On Fri, 27 Jun 2003, [iso-8859-1] Leif Åsbrink wrote:

> But Linrad does not have any "history determines the present"
> built into it at all. Absolute nothing. Linrad knows exactly
> what a pulse will look like. It does a curve fitting to extract
> the parameters because although a pulse is precisely known, its
> phase relative to the sampling clock is unknown as well as the
> amplitude and polarisation. Once the parameters are found, 
> the pulse is removed completely. 

Well, linrad knows what is pulse shape.  If pulse shape is determined
by prefiltering we can input test signal before recieving real signal and
linrad can put pulse function into memory. But how linrad can know 
QRN pulse realy occures in the small "time window"? Or at least how it can
know number of pulses in a large time window? If this is known though
it is posible to determine pulses parameters by some minimisation
procedure and substuct pulses then. 

73 de RA9MB/Alex