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Re. : AW: Re. : AW: [linrad] RE: Linrad and the microwaves

this is not what I mean. It is not noise temperature what I mean. I mean 
that the noise is not noise. Just an example, it may give you an 
impression what I mean: Have a look at your S-Meter at ground noise, it is 
toggling much more than on the noise from space. There is AM on the ground 
noise. Something like this is what I mean.

Hi Guenter ,

maybe yes.... We have another problem on 23cm and 13cm , from my previous 
QTH I suffered from a very severe phase noise problem from nearby GSM 
towers , on the 23cm terrestrial system I even had to throw away my DJ9BV 
preamp ( first version with ATF101) because my 23cm system was nothing 
else than unusable when my antenna was turned to a GSM tower ,as I had 5 
towers within less than one km radius... I put a special highly selective 
preamp wich solved the problem . So maybe the noise we get on 23cm 
terrestrial is not only ground noise .... BTW computers are sometimes 
annoying me , even on 3cm!

73's Dom/F6DRO