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AW: Re. : AW: [linrad] RE: Linrad and the microwaves

Hello Dom and others,

this is not what I mean. It is not noise temperature what I mean. I mean that the noise is not noise. Just an example, it may give you an impression what I mean: Have a look at your S-Meter at ground noise, it is toggling much more than on the noise from space. There is AM on the ground noise. Something like this is what I mean.

73, Günter

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> Betreff:	Re. : AW: [linrad] RE: Linrad and the microwaves
> I do not know which kind of noise it is, I just mean that noise on EME is 
> quiter than on terrestrial
> Right ! On microwaves (6,3cm) , system noise temperature is dominated by 
> ground noise wich is quite high , just try on your terrestrial 3cm system 
> to elevate your dish and you'll see a huge difference on background noise.
> 73's Dom/F6DRO