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Re: [linrad] WG: How to configure sound mixer

Dr all,
Reading the problems about setting  mixers I can only tell my situation, but
it might help to get some insight.
In the shack I use a thinkpad 600E laptop.( No space for desktops).
This 600E has  rather strange soundcard. It seems to be a cs4610 PCI card,
but that card also can be driven as a cs4236 isa.
In Windows the pci driver is installed as well as the isa driver.

Under Linux this is different. The PCI card cannot be accessed. Using ALSA
the configurator even says something like "your card is a cs4610 but you
should install the cs4236 in a 600E".

Looking in the IRQ and port setup inWindows AND in Linx with ALSA it appears
that there is a separate "control port" -in my case 0x538-besides the normal
audio port ( in my case 0x530). Only the ALSA driver and the Windows driver
connect to this port and the mixers behave well separating the input and
output, so real duplex.

Using the Kernel drivers only cs4232 is available. It works somewhat but the
mixer controls do not act correctly and it appears the control port cannot
be set. Using OSS the same applies. I have got several email exchanges with
the OSS developer but also OSS has not driver available which gives access
to the control port.

In case other soundcards aso have the audio port separate from the control
port that can be the reason for those mixer problems.

Linrad does not seem to work well with ALSA, probably as Linrad does not
know how to use the control port.I therefore cannot use Linrad. I appears
several Windows programmes do the same job in filtering signals out of the
noise on the microwaves. And their waterfalls are very good. With my current
soundcard I am limited to 20 kHz view width.

73 to all

Arie Dogterom, PA0EZ
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