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Re: [linrad] .Linux fiddling with svgalib...long..

Hello Roger and All,

This is strange ...
I won't repeat nor leave my comment each by each, only one item.

At 18:52 03/01/19 -0500, w3sz wrote:
>4.    I again tried to install svgalib-1.9.17, just slightly altering 
>Leif's prescriptions on his URL:

>12.    Everything is working fine now (no lockups) EXCEPT that before I 
>was able to enter and exit Linrad with no problems, as often as I wanted 
>to, by typing 'cntl-alt-F7' to leave Linrad and 'cntl-alt-F*' to reenter 
>it. So I could go and do lots of other things in Linux while Linrad was 
>running and then return to Linrad with no problems.  Now the screen is 
>corrupted having coarse white and purple text and texture over the 
>screen when I reenter Linrad from XWindows.  Those portions of the 
>screen that are periodically rewritten by Linrad clear up as they are 
>rewritten, so something else has overwritten screen memory during the 
>period XWindows is being displayed.  This is a pain, but it is better 
>than having the computer lock up when I play with display boxes in 
>Linrad.  Of course,  an "X" and a "B" bring things back to where they 
>should be by rewriting the whole screen.

Very strange here!
As you remember a while back, I came to know that you didn't have any
Console Switching problem and you realized this problem exists.
I thought the problem was not caused by svgalib 1.4.3 nor by Linrad
but caused by my video card Matrox Millennium G400.
In addition, simply replacing the card to NVIDIA GeFource2 fixed the
As you didn't have this problem on your ATI Radeon too, I've decided to
forget G400 and buy other brand someday.
On the contrary this time you DO have the problem and I DON'T with
the same svgalib-1.9.17.

Well, above relates to Console Switching problem though during this write
I've found some other things which looks similar to your problem;

Linrad started from console (not from Xwindow):
After exiting Linrad the screen is corrupted completely.
However after simple switching to other console and return to the corrupted
console there is no more bad screen, just a normal one.

Linrad started from Xwindow (FVWM, KED, Gnome):
No problem what's so ever.


Kohjin - JR1EDE